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Plum Crazy

So if I was to be completely honest with you…I’m plum crazy. I love everything about plums. They are tart, and sweet, and small. So small, I eat 5 at a time. OK, maybe more …

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A Love Undefined

  love. undefined. This week was our 7th wedding anniversary! I have to say, it does not feel that long. Although we have gone through so many challenges, it has only made for growth and …

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Well, I guess Hell has frozen over. Covid Hell that is. Who would have thought it definitely can get worse?! What’s next?! A tsunami? Not funny. Full disclosure, it’s my fault. I’m sorry. I have …

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I love an easy “Valentine’s” themed goodie for after school. This is not only delicious but quick! Cherry-Almond -hey you can’t go wrong with that, AND I can’t mess it up. The more imperfections the …

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