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I am a really hungry mom and nurse. I love kids, carbs, and sitting on the back porch havin’ margaritas. My food is simple and delicious, made for any occasion. Come join the fun!

Our Favourite Recipes

  • Crazy Bird Lady

    The rumors are true. I don’t know what else to say. The birds are obsessed with my window and I am obsessed with the birds. But they are driving me BATTY.  Real Problems Here is what is going on: we have a large window with a reflective tint on it. Clearly, they are either seeing …

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  • The Escalator

    The first kid. John is my first child. Everything he does is the first experience for all of us. He naturally is a witty, smart, and handsome kid. Someone you can talk to one-on-one for hours engaging in conversation about thoughts and ideas. A wonderful person and a wonderful kid. He is 16 years old …

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  • Fall Fever and Chipotle Two Bean and Bacon Soup

    After an almost unbearable long summer of endless heat, fall fever can set in exponentially. Cool, tepid winds bring a sigh of relief. Everyone needs a warm, cozy, and EASY CROCK POT soup. This Chipotle Two Bean and Bacon Soup will fill your soul and can be used with staples. When I walk outside, morning …

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  • Just a Girl and Her Chicken

    These chicks. When the weather is cool and the days are long, there are chores to do and friends to make. Here’s my confession: I have a bad habit of acquiring (especially chickens) to the farm whenever the occasion arises. This time, I came home with 3 chicks thinking they were going to be for …

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  • The Best Taco Meat

    The best taco meat ever! After a busy day, there is nothing more satisfying than to top it off with a quick, easy, and delicious dinner. I love how simple tacos are, but, I think most of all I love how I can use the materials I already have to design a new way of …

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  • Roasted Cauliflower and Gouda Soup

    . Here comes the holiday ho-down. I feel like with the holidays coming fast we are all scrounging to find a regular meal. Really, we crave something fast, easy, LOW-CARB, and yummy. Well folks, here ya have it! Roasted Cauliflower and Gouda soup is not just on the LOW-CARB aisle but also gives you that …

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  • Nacho Average Sheetpan Dinner

    Nacho much to do… I’m guilty of occasionally not having time for dinner or sometimes just don’t wanna. I call it a sheet-pan dinner…it’s got all you need lol! Nacho’s consist of all the FDA approved food pyramid-thing. Yeah, right next to margaritas in fruits and vegetable intake. (Psst…it’s funny cause I’m a real life …

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"Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer." Romans 12:12
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