Farmer Franny

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Hey y’all!

My name is Lisa. I live on a new and growing farm in Texas. Here we believe tex-mex is a basic food group and our trucks are part of the family. I’m a wife, a mom, and a Registered Nurse by trade. I have a passion for cooking seasonal fresh foods for my family. They are picky eaters, and so am I!

I have an amazing husband and father to our blended family of 5 kids. All 5 are unique and beautiful in their own way, but through and through, we always meet back in the kitchen where we all love to be.

What kind of farm do you have?

On our farm, we have many animals including cows, donkeys, pigs, chickens, dogs, cats, and a lizard named Brutus. I grow a garden, sometimes year-round, and love to eat from it. We might be more of a funny farm than anything.

Why the name FARMER FRANNY?

It all started working the night shift in the ICU. My co-workers loved to hear about the farm and family, so that’s all I talked about. Therefore, they coined the name “Farmer Franny” to me! I really chose to embrace their endearment. Moreover, I love the name Farmer Franny because it reminds me not to take myself seriously.  

I grew up in the city, so most of my “FARMING” can be EXPERIMENTAL and by NO means am I a REAL farmer. Maybe one day I can flourish in the land I have, yet, I gotta figure out what I’m doing lol. I’m a pretty darn good gardener, maybe there is a future for me when I grow up?

History of the name:

Looking more into the name, Fannie Farmer was discovered. She was such a pioneer, influence, and strong lady of her time, that I love that my name may correlate with such a wonderful person. If I could only be half the person she was!! 

Fannie Farmer (her real name) was a pioneer of all things cooking. She was disabled, and despite her challenges, overcame them and became a cooking professor in Boston. She wrote several cookbooks that gave us the skills we have today. Simply amazing!

What kind of website is this?

Well, mainly a food blog. I love everything farm and family can be hard to pick just one topic. Food is a huge passion of mine. Sharing kid-friendly new and fresh recipes tickle my fancy. If it brings the family together, I’m all about it. Above all, life is about loving the ones around you and embracing that precious time. Let’s make the most of it!!

What I believe in.

I believe you should do the things you love and that excite you every day. First of all, this life is full of unexpected things, enjoy them, embrace them, and cherish each step God has sprinkled into your life. Second of all, we only have today, so love what you have. Therefore, let TODAY be the bacon bits of YOUR salad. 

Learn more about my story on the Meet the Farm-ily page!

Farmer Lisa Franny. Or, something like that.

Contact me or make a comment. I’d LOoVE to hear from you!

  1. I just love you Lisa! I love the way you hit the nail on the head in regards to everyday…