Berry Clafoutis (Kluh-fau-thus)

What the heck is Claufotis? Clafoutis is a fancy French dessert that is easy to assemble. That’s what it is! It is much like a tarte or a custard with fresh and in-season fruit. Historically, Clafoutis is with fresh cherries but today we are going to use berries. Yay! This recipe was surprisingly easy and …

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Cast Iron Golden Pancakes

Let’s talk pancakes. Crazy as it may seem, I have been working on this recipe for years. Every time I would come up with a recipe, it wasn’t “just right”. Evidently, the kids and I have high standards when it come to pancakes. I think we all love a good, filling, yummy breakfast. Plus, there …

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Meet June and My Chocolate Almond Raspberry Trifle

Puppies and Trifles Deep in the depths of the summer, it has been…well, interesting. This past week was John’s 17th birthday —hey hey (can you EVEN believe it?)! So instead of a basic cake, we decided on an upgrade to a season-fresh Raspberry Trifle! Also, meet the new Great Dane puppy, named June, the latest …

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Almond Pomegranate Granola

A gift, a blessing, a thank you… It seems like there is a million goodies you can gift for friends and family. Cookies, pastries, crackers, breads, you name it—it’s been gifted. I love the thought of someone just thinking of me during the holiday, no matter what it is. This aromatic Almond Pomegrante Granola doesn’t …

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Chuy’s (copy-cat) Jalapeno Ranch Dip

Sunny days, boats, sunburns, hangovers, and lost sunglasses. This is what 3-day holidays are made of. The best part is the food! This is the time for letting go and enjoy your time. You’ll be able to welcome any crowd with this copycat Jalapeño Ranch recipe. I laugh because while I was working to perfect …

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The Best Homemade Salsa

For anyone, hearing the phrase “Chips and salsa”, brings nothing less than a mood change. Deep in the summer, the tomato vines are drying up and the tomatoes are thirsty. It can be hard to keep a tomato plant this far into the season. Humidity alone could disinfect a surface. The best way to prepare …

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Salads Secret Ingredient: Croutons

    A great salad can be hard to find. It’s my professional opinion to not get bored of your salad. It’s easy to get in a groove of lettuce, tomato, and salad dressing. All salads need a little elevating and it’s so easy to do. I learned this trick amongst my many cookbooks and …

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