KETO Spaghetti Squash and Chicken Dinner

Y’all! I am loving this! In less than 30 minutes I had dinner made, and it’s KETO friendly!! Gosh darn, it took all of me not to eat all this when I made it too. I don’t know about you but when it comes to cheese inside a meal, I can practically sell the kids …

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Grape-Jelly Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Grape-Jelly? Sandwiches? Yeah, baby! Here is what you’re going to do. First, get that crock-pot out, and dust it off. Hey, you can also use a pressure cooker or a clay pot— all good options. Then we will cook this pork shoulder all day in grape jelly and peppers, if possible. I like to braise …

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Berry Clafoutis (Kluh-fau-thus)

What the heck is Claufotis? Clafoutis is a fancy French dessert that is easy to assemble. That’s what it is! It is much like a tarte or a custard with fresh and in-season fruit. Historically, Clafoutis is with fresh cherries but today we are going to use berries. Yay! This recipe was surprisingly easy and …

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Cast Iron Golden Pancakes

Let’s talk pancakes. Crazy as it may seem, I have been working on this recipe for years. Every time I would come up with a recipe, it wasn’t “just right”. Evidently, the kids and I have high standards when it come to pancakes. I think we all love a good, filling, yummy breakfast. Plus, there …

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10 Secrets of a Seasoned Mom

By seasoned I mean ripe. Ripe like ‘been there seen that’ and probably took home the participation ribbon. Here are my top 10 secrets that have kept me surviving: 10. The bottom of your feet will never be the same. Lego’s and army men that you NEVER EVEN BOUGHT will somehow become embedded in your …

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The Dahlia Disaster of Dallas

Dahlias in Dallas This year I gave all I could at a chance with this beautiful flower. It became a nil attempt with multiple hurdles for this flower in the outskirts of Dallas. Dahlia’s: MY FAV FLOWER I am so in love with these flowers! They come in thousands of different varieties in sizes and …

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Meet June and My Chocolate Almond Raspberry Trifle

Puppies and Trifles Deep in the depths of the summer, it has been…well, interesting. This past week was John’s 17th birthday —hey hey (can you EVEN believe it?)! So instead of a basic cake, we decided on an upgrade to a season-fresh Raspberry Trifle! Also, meet the new Great Dane puppy, named June, the latest …

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