Almond Pomegranate Granola

A gift, a blessing, a thank you… It seems like there is a million goodies you can gift for friends and family. Cookies, pastries, crackers, breads, you name it—it’s been gifted. I love the thought of someone just thinking of me during the holiday, no matter what it is. This aromatic Almond Pomegrante Granola doesn’t …

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Perfect Homemade Cheddar Scallion Biscuits

Essentials. We talk about the things and people that are essential to us more these days. Family, jobs, financial security, health insurance, and clearly… biscuits are included. I love this recipe because you can alter these bad boys however you want. Any time of the day. Use them for any meal. No one will complain. …

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BIG RED/BIG BLUE ice cream

“Hey August, you make me miserable.” August in Texas is known to be the most MISERABLE month of the year. If you ask someone from Texas what happened in their life in August, I guarantee they will tell you something indoors. In fact, everything is miserable, even the over-worked A/C units. They just look tired. …

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Vinaigrette House Dressing

The rumors are true. I will drink the extra dressing out of the bowl like a savage. It does make me feel better that my 3 year old son does the same thing. There is something about this dressing that’s addicting. It makes you do funny things. This dressing is an adaptation of Aldi’s off-brand …

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Makena’s Unforgettable SLAM Chocolate Chip Cookies (UPDATED)

When Makena started making cookies they were always good. But this time she’s nailed it. True confession: these have become a staple in our house. We love to play with the recipe and make them into “fairy cookies” or “fairy poop”, but at the end of the day, they are perfect the way they are. …

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The Best Homemade Salsa

For anyone, hearing the phrase “Chips and salsa”, brings nothing less than a mood change. Deep in the summer, the tomato vines are drying up and the tomatoes are thirsty. It can be hard to keep a tomato plant this far into the season. Humidity alone could disinfect a surface. The best way to prepare …

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Never Stop Dreaming with Bacon And Gruyere English Muffins

Dream Catchers I remember when I was little, going to a shop where they sold these beautiful and intricate handmade weaved hoops. Supposedly, if you put it above your bed, the evil spirits will be caught in its web, and then your nightmares will go away.  Of course, I bought one. I’m not sure if …

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