Listen Carefully: Great Parenting Tactics

Your first clue to this article should be that you won’t be listening to much. You’re reading it. Second clue is don’t ever assume anyone with 5 kids has this thing down pat. What does pat have to do with it anyway? I’ve learned a lot over the years about these young animals called children. …

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Like any property, it’s always busy especially the mornin’s. We are bustling with children, their activities, and a growing farm. Every kid has their chores, which rotates every 3 months and includes laundry, dishes, animals, sweeping the porch, trash, and their own rooms and bathrooms. I’d have to say the dishes chore or laundry is …

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Cold Tea and a Bag of Chips

  Occasionally I luck out and am able to get all 5 kids a dentist appointment. When this happens I feel like I strike it rich in the appointment world. This ultimately means I only have to make 1 trip this 6 months. How great is that?! Then there’s the fact that I’m taking 5 …

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Meet the Farm Family (farm-ily)

The Farm Family Story Want to see the farm-ily (my farm-family) life? This is my favorite place on earth. Let me show you around! We moved from the suburbs of Dallas to a town about 45 minutes east of the Dallas area over 3 years ago now. Seems like we have been out here a …

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2020’s Six-foot Vacation

I was skeptical to see that we could safely take a vacation this year.  …But then, we finally pulled the trigger and bought a CAMPER! Best idea we have ever EVER done. This is the gold mine of family getaways, a decision I don’t think I’ll ever regret. It gives me a sense of freedom …

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My Top 10 Favorite Things To Do with My Family

As a family of 7, in a pandemic, I think to myself, ‘let’s be productive’. Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn’t. The trouble is, what to do with the kids?  To be brutally honest, our family was in desperate need of quarantine. We have two careers in the house, countless activities, and projects coming …

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How I am taking my house back

It’s been months of quarantine and many more days to go. I love summer! It’s not the sweat of hot days I love,it’s the feeling of losing your inhibitions and having no schedule to attend to.  Being at home has felt like a hamster in a cage. Yet, my love handles could use the hamster …

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Christmas Giggles part 1, 2019

Whoa nelly, Christmas wasn’t kidding this year. I have so much to say about this year, I don’t know where to start.  Well, let’s start by saying how incredibly grateful I am to have what we have. How cliche, huh? I agree. But this time it’s overwhelmingly sincere. I turn __ this January, and I …

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