Just a Girl and Her Chicken

These chicks. When the weather is cool and the days are long, there are chores to do and friends to make. Here’s my confession: I have a bad habit of acquiring (especially chickens) to the farm whenever the occasion arises. This time, I came home with 3 chicks thinking they were going to be for …

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Winter Showers Bring March Flowers

Winter-hood. I can’t even explain our winter. How could we even explain the past year? My head is still spinning. It will be times we look back on and think, remember when?! The whole ‘hood’ was winter!! What! It was a time to make the most of what we had. Does anyone else wonder if …

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A Love Undefined

  love. undefined. This week was our 7th wedding anniversary! I have to say, it does not feel that long. Although we have gone through so many challenges, it has only made for growth and discovery of ourselves and our relationship. I love that our story has had so much growth and that we have …

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Mutt Moments and Mashed Potatoes

 MUTTS If you’re not a dog person, you don’t understand. It all may seem crazy, but dog-people crazy is definitely normal. What’s not normal is my dog being human. I swear, he’s part-dog, part-human. If he was fully a person, he would be an overweight and lazy dead-beat teenager. Don’t get me wrong, I love …

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Gettin’ Ready for Winter

  Oooohhh Fall! Fall is one of my favorite and most serene seasons. It’s also a season that we spend gettin’ ready for winter. The trees are adorning and peaceful. The air is crisp and dry. It excites me to wake up to gold and red falling leaves. Then, Texas’ winter weather…well, is similar to …

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Let’s Talk Soup! by GrammyAnn

David Letterman has an interview show on Netflix entitled, “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction.” They don’t because they are well known either as an actor, musician, or famous for being famous.  Since I’m none of the above, I need an introduction. My name is Mary Ann and I’m married to Lisa’s dad, Bob. We’ve …

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Listen Carefully: Great Parenting Tactics

Your first clue to this article should be that you won’t be listening to much. You’re reading it. Second clue is don’t ever assume anyone with 5 kids has this thing down pat. What does pat have to do with it anyway? I’ve learned a lot over the years about these young animals called children. …

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Like any property, it’s always busy especially the mornin’s. We are bustling with children, their activities, and a growing farm. Every kid has their chores, which rotates every 3 months and includes laundry, dishes, animals, sweeping the porch, trash, and their own rooms and bathrooms. I’d have to say the dishes chore or laundry is …

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