Author name: Lisa Bryan

Howdy! I'm Lisa. I am a wife, a mom of 5, and a Registered Nurse. We love family(animals included) and good fresh seasonal food. Follow me for recipes that are tried and true.


I love an easy “Valentine’s” themed goodie for after school. This is not only delicious but quick! Cherry-Almond -hey you can’t go wrong with that, AND I can’t mess it up. The more imperfections the better! Just the way I like it. HOW IT’S DONE: Full disclosure: I have worked my pants off on perfecting …


The Banana Bread Debate: Granny’s Vs. Me!

As if we really need another debate or impeachment, I felt like a good bake-debate was a good idea. I mean, we don’t have to worry about Congress or ballot counts with this one. No send-in votes please, haha, only comments. I feel that the best way to settle such profound times is to have …

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Mutt Moments and Mashed Potatoes

 MUTTS If you’re not a dog person, you don’t understand. It all may seem crazy, but dog-people crazy is definitely normal. What’s not normal is my dog being human. I swear, he’s part-dog, part-human. If he was fully a person, he would be an overweight and lazy dead-beat teenager. Don’t get me wrong, I love …

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Holiday Steaks Done Right!

Every year I plan December: I have gifts bought, menus planned and the lists checked off by the beginning of the month. Could you imagine how ugly this would get if it wasn’t organized? Ha! Probably just fine, and just as much fun.  Yet, no matter how well l plan or how much I’ve saved, …

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Our Blended Family: by GrammyAnn

Our Blended Family In case you missed my first blog post about soup, I’m Mary Ann (aka Grammy Ann), married to Lisa’s dad, Bob.  Lisa and I talked about me writing a blog post about our blended family from my perspective. Here are a couple of things we’ve learned along the way about navigating this …

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Gettin’ Ready for Winter

  Oooohhh Fall! Fall is one of my favorite and most serene seasons. It’s also a season that we spend gettin’ ready for winter. The trees are adorning and peaceful. The air is crisp and dry. It excites me to wake up to gold and red falling leaves. Then, Texas’ winter weather…well, is similar to …

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Let’s Talk Soup! by GrammyAnn

David Letterman has an interview show on Netflix entitled, “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction.” They don’t because they are well known either as an actor, musician, or famous for being famous.  Since I’m none of the above, I need an introduction. My name is Mary Ann and I’m married to Lisa’s dad, Bob. We’ve …

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