Author name: Lisa Via Bryan

Howdy! I'm Lisa. I am a wife, a mom of 5, and a Registered Nurse. We love family(animals included) and good fresh seasonal food. Follow me for recipes that are tried and true.

Roasted Pear and Bacon Kale Salad with a Honey Vinaigrette

In-Season Pears and Kale Salad I walked the grocery store this morning in search of in-season selections. Not to much surprise, this lovely month of September finds the summer fruits starting to make our way out and the coziness of the fall coming in. We also finally have some breathable (ha! not a joke) weather …

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Butternut Squash Soup

What’s your favorite recipe? Add some crusty bread and creamy soup…you’ll be able to sleep like your hibernating for the winter. Guiltless and cozy, I don’t think I’d change my mind…I’d eat this anytime of year. I also drink tea in the afternoon in the middle of Texas sweltering Summer. Maybe 🤔 I’m weird 😂. …

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Alabama Vacation, Part 2

Living without a purpose, I’ve decided that sometimes, living without a purpose is the best way to live (lol). We had no plans, nothing to do, nowhere to go. It was truly the best part. I found time to do nothing, and I’m thinking, “Why don’t we all live like this?” Vacation has taught me …

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Dear Jesus, I Want to Thank You.

(I wrote this post months ago, found it today, and thought, “Wow”! Life is good. We have our health, our home, our sanity? Well, maybe.. and gosh darn I’m still feeling grateful lol) Jesus. I know I talk to you often. But today, I wanted to Thank you for my beautiful blended family. There was …

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