Chocolate Salted Carmel No-Bake Quinoa Cookies

Why Quinoa? I made these Quinoa No-bake cookies during the chaos of Thanksgiving. Why? Because I needed a carb break. These are able to satisfy and stay light which is much needed for a potato-heavy time of year. As I…

The Dilly Pot Pie

What’s the dilly-o, you say? Homestyle pot pie with a buttery, crispy crust that will have you writing home about. I love this recipe for Pot Pie and yes, let’s dill-it-up!! Come on, let’s get dilly-with-it 😂🫣💃 Honestly, this is…


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Hi! My name is Lisa. My friends call me Farmer Franny because I’m obsessed with all things farm! We took our kids from the city and are raising all 6 beautiful kids in the Texas country, and there is never a dull moment! My passions are easy and delicious food, farm life, and fam-life. The food is tried-and-true at this funny farm! Why not come join?
XOXO – Lisa

"Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer." Romans 12:12

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