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“Oh, hi there!”

I am a really hungry mom and nurse. I love kids, carbs, and sitting on the back porch havin’ margaritas. My food is simple and delicious, made for any occasion. Come join us for food, farm, and family!

Our Favourite Recipes

  • Crazy Bird Lady

    Crazy Bird Lady

    The rumors are true. I don’t know what else to say. The birds are obsessed with my window and I am obsessed with the birds. But they are driving me BATTY.  Real Problems Here is what is going on: we have a large window with a reflective tint on it. Clearly, they are either seeing …

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  • Almond Pomegranate Granola

    Almond Pomegranate Granola

    A gift, a blessing, a thank you… It seems like there is a million goodies you can gift for friends and family. Cookies, pastries, crackers, breads, you name it—it’s been gifted. I love the thought of someone just thinking of me during the holiday, no matter what it is. This aromatic Almond Pomegrante Granola doesn’t …

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  • Biscuits


    Essentials. We talk about the things and people that are essential to us more these days. Family, jobs, financial security, health insurance, and clearly… biscuits are included. I love this recipe because you can alter these bad boys however you want. Any time of the day. Use them for any meal. No one will complain. …

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  • The Escalator

    The first kid. John is my first child. Everything he does is the first experience for all of us. He naturally is a witty, smart, and handsome kid. Someone you can talk to one-on-one for hours engaging in conversation about thoughts and ideas. A wonderful person and a wonderful kid. He is 16 years old …

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  • Fall Fever and Chipotle Two Bean and Bacon Soup

    Fall Fever and Chipotle Two Bean and Bacon Soup

    After an almost unbearable long summer of endless heat, fall fever can set in exponentially. Cool, tepid winds bring a sigh of relief. Everyone needs a warm, cozy, and EASY CROCK POT soup. This Chipotle Two Bean and Bacon Soup will fill your soul and can be used with staples. When I walk outside, morning …

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  • Just a Girl and Her Chicken

    Just a Girl and Her Chicken

    These chicks. When the weather is cool and the days are long, there are chores to do and friends to make. Here’s my confession: I have a bad habit of acquiring (especially chickens) to the farm whenever the occasion arises. This time, I came home with 3 chicks thinking they were going to be for …

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  • The Best Taco Meat

    The Best Taco Meat

    The best taco meat ever! After a busy day, there is nothing more satisfying than to top it off with a quick, easy, and delicious dinner. I love how simple tacos are, but, I think most of all I love how I can use the materials I already have to design a new way of …

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"Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer." Romans 12:12
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