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Confession time…

I did something. We (meaning the whole fam) sowed flower seeds like crazy this spring. I’ve always dreamed of fields of flowers taking over the house, the property, the land. Careful what you ask for (haha). Well, we now have flowers 😆 🌺.

I planted what has always been happy growing in this Texas weather, and that includes Zinnias, Cosmos, assorted Wild Flowers, along with a vegtable garden. So as we asked, we received. Sooo many beautiful Zinnias. Boy, am I the luckiest person on Earth?? They not only turned to to thrive but also came in so many varieties. It’s like they came out to say “Look at me!!”. They turned out stunning. I love these gals(flowers) so much!

What do you do with a field of flowers?…

You got it. Sell the heck out of them. So I have. I’ve smelt and I’ve dealt. Are you breathing? Ok, good, I’ll be asking if you want to buy any flowers (haha). Mainly because I’m not a sales person and have NO idea how to sell (outside of simple asking). That’s ok, I’ll figure it out. So…Would you like to buy any flowers lol?

Here is where you can find your local Farmer Franny Flowers. And, yes, we are working on a Winter Flower Garden. Pray for us. I’m visioning Farmer Franny Meals surrounded by flowers in a beautiful store one day. Keep praying…I believe it will happen!

THE LOCAL YOCAL, Downtown McKinney, TX. Amazing store with amazing people. They buy locally, only fresh, only the best products. Best of all they have very strict all Organic standards. If you go in for Flowers you may come out with even more exciting products. They are the best people!

Find small and large bouquets here 🤗 —your wife will LOVE them!

CARRIE’S FLOWER SHOP, Downtown Farmersville, TX. Local Florist and dedicated shop to a dedicated town. Carrie and her staff are the most kind people and she has a slew of beautiful arrangements!

So far these are the main two places to find them. With a Winter garden ahead more arrangements and more shops will be available! You can also contact me for any shipping outside the DFW metropolitan.

The Winter Garden

This will include variety sunflowers, more zinnias, more cosmos, and quite frankly anything fall. I can’t wait!

Don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted with all things available.

Love to you all!!

Farmer Franny (flower freak)

What are your confessions...?

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