Alabama Vacation, Part 2

Living without a purpose,

I’ve decided that sometimes, living without a purpose is the best way to live (lol). We had no plans, nothing to do, nowhere to go. It was truly the best part. I found time to do nothing, and I’m thinking, “Why don’t we all live like this?” Vacation has taught me something.

Sweet John turned 18 years old.

My firstborn is growing up. Honestly, I’ve been struggling with this. I’ve had crying spells for days. I hug him a little longer and squeeze him a little tighter. It’s bittersweet. He was my first kid, my first love, and the first reason I fell in love with JUST being a Mother.

He has such a bright future, he’s a great kid and a great person. What else could I ask for?

This will be his Senior year. This is the moment that we have been working on for 17 years. To fly the coop😭. I realize I have another year with him but I’m getting myself ready (so I won’t be so messy when the actual time comes haha yikes!).

So much to see and do…

These guys (above), be still my heart. Originally a Coach to the (left)Player and now (I’d have to say) mentor to the student. Conner will forever be the oldest kid now and always be a part of every part of our family. He stole our hearts last year while couch-hopping and was one of the best things to happen to us. We have learned a lot but don’t all families grow with some growing pains? Conner is the best!! We love him so much.

What to do in Gulf Shores, Alabama, and Pensacola, Florida

The lists can go on for the amount of things to do. Of course, there is the beach, and beach bumming is the life for me! But we were able to see the Naval Museum in Florida which was mind-boggling. So much information, so much history. I highly recommend the Pensacola Naval Aviation Museum! It will not disappoint–even the most aggravated teenagers. It’s true! Now it did take us 3 times to get in there but gosh darn, we finally did! They have very strict rules to get in such as every person old enough to have an ID must have it and show it at the gate. Also, since they are an active base, they will shut it down for any reason and at any time, even if it’s just too many people there. 100% worth any effort to get in. They also have the Pensacola Lighthouse there, which is romantically beautiful (and a great spot for pictures!)

Fort Pickens was the best-kept secret yet!! Any of the pictures above you see with bricked arches and white beaches is the old Battery of Pensacola. In the late 1800s, they built this as a fort for battery and a post. Now retired, it’s a fossil full of memories, heartache, and hard work. We happened to run across the beach outside of it and that was a memory never to forget. Fresh beaches with dolphins and sting rays at your feet in the clear ocean water. Simply amazing!

We tend to just take some time to just be us. Whenever there is a moment to just be silly and weird, we do it well. We love games like Googly Eyes, Kids Monopolyat, and Kids Chess.


We do eat at “home” a lot as there are (what feels like 400) of us so when we go out we are very particular. One place I would recommend is The Hangout which one or all of us were there almost every night being it had live music constantly with good food, drinks, atmosphere, and plenty to do. Also, the Warf to shop or eat has great options if you are looking to get out of the sun for a bit. Lulu’s is also great for live music and good food. Lulu is Jimmy Buffets’ daughter and she is a wonderful cook and greets every allergy with great respect. That’s hard to find! She has a gluten-free menu as well. Fresh off the boat was also one for the books! Fresh local seafood –make sure to get there early! Everyone is fighting for a seat!

Heading Home

Every year I say I’m going to live simpler and easier. Maybe that’s why we keep going back to the Alabama coast. Life is easy and the breeze is perfect. Can I just live on the beach?

‘Till next time friends! Also, check out part 1 of the vaca. Never a dull moment.

Have you been to the Alabama coast? Tell me what you love about it 🙂


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