Knox’s 5 Year Old Truck Party

I have thrown a lot of parties in my day, some good, some okay. This one was so much fun. Let me tell you about it.

Play Stations

Knox turned 5 years old and all the thinks about is trucks, construction, digging to no end, and building. Therefore, a truck party came about. Here was the agenda: Play stations that included coloring, (girl-time)tea time, water guns and lego center. This way the rug rats each had a place to discover without trashing their room (too bad).

I didn’t get a picture of the stations (unfortunately, things started happening quickly) but I did get the (one above) which was the water gun station. Originally it was meant to be part of the activity but they raided it like ‘rebels without a cause’ and that was it. I simply just filled up a cooler with water and threw 12 ($1) water guns. They proceeded to spray each other and any teenager available….very entertaining.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, the main activity was DIGGING FOR CARS. I went to Walmart and bought a ton of Matchbox cars and THREW THEM IN A PILE OF DIRT with beach shovels for them to dig up. WHAT’S MORE FUN TO LITTLE BOYS THAN TO THROW DIRT AROUND AND SPRAY EACH OTHER WITH WATER? Beats me. It was a hit! And, it was affordable. Total successs! (gosh, I wish I had more dirt photos)

(What is this crazy kid doing? He’s finding himself hilarious for photo bombing. Although, quite funny, we won’t tell him lol. )

At this party, boys were allowed to be boys and girls were allowed to be girls. Everyone had a place and honestly, everyone got along (they were too occupied with things to do to NOT be getting along).

The Food!

Okay, my favorite part. Let’s talk about what we ate! Here was the menu: rocky dirt cups (taco filled scooping tostito chips), dirty cups (yogurt with oreos and gummy worms), chips and queso, veggie tray, (dirt) brownines, and a Monster truck overcoming dirt piles vanilla/vanilla CAKE.

Finger foods is where the success lies. Honestly, the “dirt” taco cups were a HIT! A little meticulous to make at first, like most finger foods, but so worth the effort!

In the end, here is the secret to a good part: know your demographic and know what you can handle. They love being able to be wreckless kids in a controlled environment.

I hope this post was helpful to anyone looking for a fun party to throw for their little one. Comment below if this helped you! LoOve hearing from you!

~Franny Pants

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