Summer’s End

This year’s vacation was one to remember. We loved visiting Gulf Shores, Alabama. RVing is our thing.

It’s such a sad time when Summer ends. I was so happy sleeping in (‘till 7 am) and waking up to optional anything.

The fact that there is hardly a schedule is a daily dream. I think I was meant to be a bum. In fact, any kind would be great! Beach bum, street bum, big bum, stupid bum, silly bum-kin’…humph, not a bad thought. Just want more days WITHOUT adulting! It’s so exhausting.

June, she’s a huge bum.

But, on the other hand, there are benefits…

We ARE sad it’s ending, BUT ARE WE?? I mean…let’s talk.

Keeping Thin.

I’m starving. I’m serious. My kids are eating me out of the house and home. If you asked me to go make a sandwich, here is what you would find. Walk into the kitchen, find all the dishes I OWN in the sink, then have to clean one-off. I would fall over the rug that is bunched up (how? I have no idea), just to find the heel left. Then succumb to the heel, just to find crumbs all over the countertop. Clean the countertop. Then grab the questionable lunch meat that was left out all day, slap some mayo (that has had countless dirty knives dipped into it), and be done with it. All the hurdles of making a sandwich causes me to believe it’s not worth the temptation. I’ll just wait ’till dinner. That way I know the mayo won’t be mixed with Nutella on stale wheat. Who knows if I’d even survive the conditions of the kitchen?

The Dishes.

The dishes, the dishes. This alone will make you think twice about having children.

The Little Things.

Do you think children can see crumbs? Do they have crumb-blindness? THE CRUMBS ARE KILLING ME. How does this NOT bother them??!

The Budget.

I’m sorry, what budget?

For groceries, I pretty much shop in bulk about 90% of the time and go about every 2 weeks. I may have to buy some stuff here and there but try to keep trips to a minimum. It doesn’t take but the first 2 days for them to scarf down 4 loaves of bread and 3 gallons of milk making milkshakes, and sandwiches. Kevin and I live with SAVAGE and RABID ANIMALS. Every week I am shocked at how it happens –as if it didn’t just happen 2 weeks before.

The Complaining.

Last year I designated one of the kids every week to be the “manager” of the “complaint department”. It’s true! They would approach me with a complaint/concern/really-a-tattle-tale and I’d let them know who’s taking the complaint that week. I really thought I was helping them gain leadership skills!

Well, it worked until they complained back to me about all the issues. I’m just the owner of a mad house.

I just need one penny,

For every item of items, I pick up AND put away. I would never have to play the lotto again, cause that would mean paychecks for years to come. This is a full-time job.

I need a parental conference on how to deal with this issue alone. They don’t even fall for my “everybody pick-up” game. Humph, I need a robot to do that! IF ROBOTS can sweep my floors then why can they NOT put the stuff away too? Robots are so lazy.

A peaceful place.

This only exists in movies.

A Bittersweet End.

Sad to see them grow up, but happy for the journey. I am so blessed in so many ways. #1 blessing is a happy and loving family. Thank you, Lord, for this amazing journey! Let’s do this again next year 🙂

I’m sending Summer complaints to the complaint department. What’s yours?

With love,

Farmer Fran

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4 thoughts on “Summer’s End”

  1. I just love you Lisa! I love the way you hit the nail on the head in regards to everyday struggles with a large family! Crumb-blindness, lol, I wonder this very samething.
    And the DISHES!?!?!
    Last year, I boxed half of our dishes up so the kids would stop going through ever dish in one day,lol. 🤣

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