Winter Showers Bring March Flowers


I can’t even explain our winter. How could we even explain the past year? My head is still spinning. It will be times we look back on and think, remember when?! The whole ‘hood’ was winter!! What!

It was a time to make the most of what we had. Does anyone else wonder if life would have been better when it was less complicated? Like, maybe all I want to worry about is how to cook a blueberry pie on a wood-burning stove. Then I think, I like TV, I like my phone, I (would) like Botox and a sound system on my patio– with a blueberry pie, of course!! But, maybe these times aren’t so bad 🙃.

We may have been crazy cold but definitely got our frustrations out on each other with some hard snowballs. I may have thrown a couple screaming “and that was for breaking the 3rd lamp with your basketball!” 😆 ahhh good times.

So if you know our dogs, you’d know they do fall somewhere on the “spectrum” of special. Here they are sitting on a frozen pond — just chillin’. I love them so much. These dogs truly have a doggy-dog world they live in. They roam acres of forest where they pester animals of all sizes. In particular, they harassed a skunk and have smelt God awful for weeks. See–  special. We all have talents and troublemaking is theirs.

I couldn’t believe it became a winter wonderland.

And then the next day, it melted and all was fine!! Like it never happened. Luckily our soil is awfully thick clay and when the snow melts it just makes it softer for better gardening. Not to mention the mud pit it makes as well 😭😭😭. Mud– a mother’s nightmare.

Spring Preparations.

This is my personal “garbage” compost. Even if you live in the city, this can be done. You will see the difference in a garden that flourishes with little weeds rather than a garden that struggles and constantly needs weeding.

So now it’s time to dump the compost I’ve been accumulating all year and spread it over the garden. This year we added a thick layer of our friends’ pig compost. If you know anyone with animals, odds are they have an area they pile with animal waste just waiting for the opportunity for someone else to help them get rid of it. Especially if they don’t garden.  Humm…makes me think of the horse people. Give them a call!! I’m sure they’d love to give it to you. I cover up any grass or weeds coming through with compost if I have it, mulch, or clean cardboard boxes not needed. Nothing makes for a more difficult garden than weeds and ‘rand-o’ grass sprigs. Yuck!



The cold froze most of the seedlings I had going in my greenhouse. Some pre-germinated seeds sprouted after but for the most part, I had to reseed the rest of the greenhouse. And they are coming up nicely! Love the spring!!!


This is one of my favorite times of the year. These seeds are going wild. I can’t wait to put them outside. Some of my greenhouse secrets are GROW LIGHTS and MISTERS. Not like a hunky cute mister-Mr., yet PVC pipes that Kevin piped into it with misters attached. All I have to do every other day is turn my water on and make sure they are doing well. PREPARATION is key to an easy low-labor garden. All the hard work comes in the beginning, lightens up with routine and supportive preparation.

THIS IS the “LAVENDAR PROJECT”. This is what I am dreaming and hoping to be surrounding the house and land. A property full of lavender? YES, please!! A place of peace and tranquility?! A lavender farm!! OH MY!! Lord grant me the wisdom!! Keep it in your prayers.

Love to you all!

Fannie Fru-Fru

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