Never Stop Dreaming with Bacon And Gruyere English Muffins


Dream Catchers

I remember when I was little, going to a shop where they sold these beautiful and intricate handmade weaved hoops. Supposedly, if you put it above your bed, the evil spirits will be caught in its web, and then your nightmares will go away.  Of course, I bought one. I’m not sure if my bad dreams were filtered out, but what I didn’t realize is what REAL dreams –good dreams–were made of.  Dreams that are right there in the palm of my hand– in my everyday life.


I met with a good friend of mine today at the coffee shop. Do you know what I love about some people? Sincerity, passion, love, and honesty. We are all capable of it, but do we choose to show it? Do you know what we did at the coffee shop? We sat around and discussed our dreams and passions.

How rare is it to find someone that you can share openly and talk about all those “silly” dreams we have? Rarely! In fact, I think sometimes we find those “crazy” dreams are not “realistic”. But really, what dream is actually realistic right now? NONE. No one can save the world in a day, but I can do a little something.

I have found the biggest problem is NOT pursuing what is in your heart. I truly feel that when we align ourselves with what we find our future to look like, the little things now are adding up to something greater.


Fear tells us “you’re not good enough”. So, learn more until your confidant.

It tells us “somebody else does this better”. So yeah, there are a lot of people doing it, why can’t you bring your sense of uniqueness to the table?

Then fear tells us “What will people think of me?”. So….who cares? I hope you don’t let others’ opinions ruin what your heart seeks. Again, who cares what they think?

And now fear tells us “this could potentially be embarrassing”. Again, don’t let others’ voices or opinions ruin what could connect your destiny.

Take a risk. I guarantee you inspire someone else.

Something happened to me this week. I had a fellow former coworker text me after she had her baby. Several times prior when we worked together she came to me with aspirations to give birth to her first baby naturally, without an epidural. 2 out of 6 of my deliveries have been without medication.

I cannot speak higher to the matter. The (vaginal) deliveries I have had WITHOUT medication have been the most memorable and “easiest” to bounce back from. Don’t get me wrong, it was FREAKIN’ hard, but once I made it through I had more energy and clarity ever.

My point is… the former coworker said on the last day we saw each other, that her husband was NERVOUS about delivering without medications and that everyone she talked to said to NEVER even TRY to do it. I said, “What do you want to do? If that is what you want, then do it.  This is how I was able to deliver without meds and it worked.”

She texted me a couple of weeks after she delivered. She said, “you were the only one that believed I could do it. During labor, all I thought about was what you said– so I kept repeating it in my head. Lisa, I did it naturally, without medications!! In fact, I had severe complications that my doctor said that if I had NOT done it naturally, things may not have gone as well.” I was moved. I had NOOOOO idea of the impact that conversation had on her.

Honestly, my intentions were not to sway her but to encourage what her gut was telling her. There was a risk in guiding her to NOT take the “easier way”. Your gut knows!!

So if…

…you could catch something bad or wrong in your dream catcher– what would you catch?

…fear didn’t hold you back– what would be different?

…you realized what you say is powerful– then how would you talk differently?

It’s been an eye-opener to realize how easily others around us are impacted. I hope all your dreams and wishes come true. Let all the little things every day, make a dream a reality.

But first,

Let’s start with a good breakfast for inspiration…

Bacon…need I say more?

A pure necessity is an English Muffin toasted with cheese that is melted.

I prefer my eggs over-easy all day–every day. Just put some oil in a WARM to a HOT pan, add an egg. Wait for the egg whites to get white completely on the bottom. This doesn’t include the top portion. Flip after about 3 minutes, or when the underside is completely white. Once flipped, cook about 30 seconds before the yolk cooks. I need to upload a video. You can do it. Promise!

Add your bacon and maybe some jelly. Voilà!!

This is a great departing gift for a loved one on the go :))



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