Potato Leek and Bacon Soup

Here in Tejas, and the majority of America was hit by a random winter blast. It’s almost surreal to think that happened. I won’t disclose how many years I have enjoyed here, due to the fact I’ve always lived here (therefore you’d know my age), but I have never seen such a thing. Let’s just say the farm-ily will be restarting the whole greenhouse again, bummer. Kevin has also had to fix several water pipelines out to the barn and garden, but luckily nothing too serious. I pray for those that had pipes bust and electricity out. Oh nightmare, uuugghh. I’m so sorry to those that were hit. TRUE TRAGEDY. Let’s feel better with some Potatoe Leek Soup?!!

Let’s get started!

Gather yer ingredients.

Here they are! Grab cookware, including a stockpot, colander, and skillet.

Get yer ‘taters chopped. The smaller the faster it will be to cook. Chop the leeks and soak them in water. This cleans them well.

Go ahead and cook the bacon. Takes 20 minutes, so might as well get ‘er started. Drain and dry the chopped leeks.

Get the cookware hot.

Heat up the pot and sautée the leeks and onion. Add sage and salt. Smell that great fragrance? I want to jar it.

Sautée until slightly translucent and place on a plate to the side.

Add potatoes to water. Boil until fork tender or a knife can run smooth. Drain. Then, put potatoes back in the stockpot and add broth. Puree with a blender or immersion blender (my favorite) until desired thickness. If you like a thinner soup you can dilute more with more stock. Add salt and pepper to taste after puree.

Use the right side of the pepper container; the open side didn’t work out so well for me. Haha. Whoops!

Let’s plate it!

Place the sour cream on the bottom of the bowl, pour a scoop (or 3) of the soup over the sour cream, and top with bacon and chives. This will give you a “Welcome home” feel. Better than a no electricity havin’, pipe bustin’ situation. Y’all stay safe!



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