Our Blended Family: by GrammyAnn

Our Blended Family

In case you missed my first blog post about soup, I’m Mary Ann (aka Grammy Ann), married to Lisa’s dad, Bob.  Lisa and I talked about me writing a blog post about our blended family from my perspective. Here are a couple of things we’ve learned along the way about navigating this complex subject. Are we perfect?  Of course not, but I hope that by sharing our experiences and insight, something might resonate with you in your own family.

Know Your Role 

Everyone has a role in the family. Everyone is equally important. Know your role. This is perhaps the most crucial thing to learn in a blended family.  

Wife, stepmom, and GrammyAnn; that’s me.  Linda is Lisa’s mom, and Grandma.  I’m always careful not to cross the line into trying to be Lisa’s mom. While I would certainly claim her as my daughter; she’s not. I’m an extra person who loves her very much.  And I’m good with that!   

Brick and Mortar

A house is just brick and mortar. Whether you live in a mansion or the smallest house imaginable, what makes a house a home is the people who live there and how they interact with each other. When I walk into Lisa and Kevin’s house, I always feel like I’m home. 

Always Remember to Have Fun

As difficult as Covid-19 has been, I believe the virus has brought us even closer.  It has allowed us to slow down and remember to have fun; whether it’s a weeknight dinner and volleyball game, or celebrating a birthday. Laughing, having a great time, and making memories is so important. 

Love and Acceptance

A few years ago, Bob and I adopted a kitty named Elsie. She has quite the history. A compassionate man found Elsie in the bushes near his house. She was very pregnant.  As luck would have it, he is a foster cat-daddy for a rescue organization. He took her in and two days later, she became a mama of 3. A few days after that, the Rescue sent over some orphaned kittens to see if she would accept them as her own.  She nursed and took care of 10 kittens!  After they were weaned, we came along and adopted this sweet girl.  He says that Elsie taught his family about love and acceptance.  That’s what this family did for me.  They loved and accepted me from the beginning. Isn’t that what it’s all about?


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