Like any property, it’s always busy especially the mornin’s. We are bustling with children, their activities, and a growing farm. Every kid has their chores, which rotates every 3 months and includes laundry, dishes, animals, sweeping the porch, trash, and their own rooms and bathrooms. I’d have to say the dishes chore or laundry is most daunting. All of it sure can be a lot…maybe I should reconsider all this… Maybe become minimalist? Everyone gets one pair of clothes, a fork, and paper towel. Gosh, they probably don’t have paper towels. Hummmm maybe if we were Amish I could have the minimalist life and have less bills; no electricity, no TV, oh …that means NO HGTV or paper towels….but I could finally be a stay at home mom! All of these choices, I’m so conflicted!

I guess I don’t quite have it figured out yet but what I do know is what makes toddlers happy. It’s real easy. All it takes is water, sugar, and goldfish. Real story. Try it.  As you can see below is a pitcher of water to make puddles to jump in. This was not my idea, I really needed to get somethings done at the time, but sometimes we need to just stop and make some puddles. I remember when Phoenix was little I asked her, “P, what makes you happy?” The immediate response was “puddles and rainbows”. I thought, ‘Duh, what else do we need in life?’ Such a great answer.

This is how most mornings start…productively making puddles.

I mentioned EVERYONE has chores, right? We don’t discriminate on age, whether your retired or a toddler you get all sorts of duties!

Outside of watering the porch, there’s bottle feeding the calves, watering the pigs, feeding the pigs, watering and feeding the chickens and the chicks, dogs, and cows.  There’s cleaning up the filth too, but that’s for a different post.

For pigs that love mud, they love a bath too. I think they just can’t help but be playful no matter their weight. They will demand a belly rub even at 300 lbs. That can be traumatic, mainly for your feet. All his water was filled via his face and open snout. Never a dull moment or lack of character around here.

Then there are the German Shepards. Such great protectors and companions, and may I add handsome! They love the water. They’ll come galloping from miles when the spigot turns. Knox’s theory is a little for me and a little for you. Can you see his tongue in the water? So refreshing, for everyone! These Germans can chase water for hours. HOURs. Love these two–three!

You can’t see in the picture but Knox is wearing a bucket on his head and singing to the baby chicks (about baby sharks). The pups see nothing but chirping delicacies.

Feeding these guys are one of favorite things. Look at their wet noses! I told fern to come take a picture. So…she did. I couldn’t back up any further. She’s so well behaved haha.

This is Charlie. He’s my wasp eating garden spider. He’s beautiful. I absolutely can’t stand spiders but this guy does some great work. I couldn’t muster the hate for a hard workin fella like him. No more wasps, thanks Charlie!

My gals started producing! I welcome the cholesterol to this beautiful autumn season. The rich yokes of fresh eggs will make anyone be okay with atherosclerosis.

Mornings bring hard work and others hardly workin’. He inspires me.

I’ve decided to live my life like rocky, forget Amish or minimalistic. Naps will be a daily requirement, I’ll sleep a little longer, and sit on tables (with or without people at them). There’s only one life to live. Thanks Covid. You really made that real.



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