When we first moved to the country, it was a mess. Unbeknownst to us, the barn was full of fleas. There was no central air and heat, just one lonely window unit in the kitchen, then several fans throughout the house. There was rotting wood at several parts of the house where drainage wasn’t guided. The skylight gushed water when it rained. The fencing was a mess. We had no equipment to maintain a property. It seemed we were over our heads in a mess. It didn’t stop or hinder our excitement. This was our dream!!

We came from the suburbs where the house was “master planned” in a “master planned” neighborhood. It’s true, convenience was there and hardly any flaws in the house, outside of being hideous. I mean, the exact model of our house was literally the house next to our neighbors. I think we all miss a little bit of the old house in many ways, but I don’t think anyone would go back. I remember telling our friends about our new venture and seeing the horror in their faces. They probably thought we were having a mid life crisis (in our 30s haha).

I remember waking up in my stinky, small, and hot new home thinking…”wow, wait.. is that the sunrise (coming through the kitchen window)?!!”  At that point the rest of the issues became a blur. First things were first, air conditioning and fleas! We are talking about an infestation of watching them jump everywhere when you walk. Kevin bought his sacred new tractor and put a sprayer on the back. He put the pesticides in it and doused every inch. Problem solved. Then came air conditioning. Ha! Not so easy… it’s a barndominium so there’s no attic. You got it…no where to put a unit or the vents. So we came up with the idea of ductless single units for each room. They are popular in European countries or you may see them in tiny homes. They are pretty great, honestly. They clog up easily but outside that they work hard and do a fine job.

Well, gosh darn, my point is… the beauty of the sunrise can hide even the highest jumping fleas. There’s nothing better in this world when you feel like your in a pit to see the beauty God has given us, every day.

Plus, our President isn’t dying from Covid. Yay!!

Here is about 6am


7am wayyy to quick.


This one is a sunset…it’ll make you forget the day. Sometimes that’s necessary.

Sunsets at the front porch

This was the moon the other night. Had to share this. Breathtaking. The night was glowing. I hope y’all don’t ask me what day this was.. haha especially cause this doesn’t happen during the day, but really, I think this was a couple weeks ago.

Real moonlight.

Are you a sunrise or sunset person? I can’t pick favorites! It feels wrong…

Love y’all!


P.S. Farm-rises…this should be a drink!

2 thoughts on “Farm-rises”

  1. Carolyn Valiquette

    We love country living: fresh air, sense of calm, ability to hear nature, temptation to dream, entirely different mindset. Great decision. Carry on.

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