Cold Tea and a Bag of Chips


Occasionally I luck out and am able to get all 5 kids a dentist appointment. When this happens I feel like I strike it rich in the appointment world. This ultimately means I only have to make 1 trip this 6 months. How great is that?! Then there’s the fact that I’m taking 5 kids to the dentist. Why would I want to do such a thing? My husband asks me why. He knows it’s a bad idea. I think he silently awaits a good moment to take me aboard the crazy train. That might be where I’m heading. Meh, sounds like a fine facility. I don’t mind jello.

I think I have great kids, but even great kids get antsy. This trip, everyone gets x-rays and cleanings, shuffles in and out like a revolving door. Even the toddlers did a fantastic job of laying in chair and opening wide. The doctor is very complementary at how well they all listened, were patient, and excited to be there. She even asked ME for advice with her new baby.  Shocked she would ask me parenting questions, I start to feel a proud mommy moment. I almost felt like I had just stepped into the Executive position of ‘Super Mom’. Then, as we are packing up to leave, this sweet, lovely doctor comes bustling into the waiting room with a proud smile. She starts to explain “one last thing”. I’m listening (I promise) and smiling, yet secretly trying to guide her out of the room. I know my kids are past the point of no return with ultimate restlessness. “OH yes”, as I nod in awareness and smile. I can hear the shrills behind me of nagging, arguing, pushing, grunting and quarrels.  It’s all getting louder and louder. I can can hear them poking at each other and getting irritated. This lady doctor truly thinks my children are amazing, but the longer she stands there she may start to think otherwise. Here is what my mind is thinking,” I am NOT going to make ‘Executive Super Mom’ if I don’t keep this lady convinced! Go go go!”  She doesn’t follow my lead and there she is… her sentenced trailing as she stood in shock staring at her waiting room like a frat party raiding. I tried to walk her away. I could see behind the gloss of her eyes, she was stunned. She stood there, recycling her mind the shock of what felt like my children basically hanging from the rafters. I don’t actually know what was happening behind me, I was too scared to look, but the sounds were frightening. The clock struck 12 for us and we turned back into monsters. The glory was good while it lasted.

It was a lost situation. No recoveries happening.  In my mind we made it out (almost) without any chaos.  Oh well! These are my kids– the good, the bad, and the ugly. Unfortunately there is a time clock running on the “good” part, but hey, that’s okay. We are doing good.

I proceeded with my day in the regular fashion. Naps, cleaning, putting out fires, redirecting, cleaning, redirecting, and cleaning. If only I had a nickel for all the times Kevin and I redirected, and cleaned. We’d be rich, I’d say!

To end the day, we have dinner. Thank God for dinner. It is always a highlight. We love to gather around the table and joke about nonsense. I don’t know what I’d do without nonsense at the dinner table. I also don’t know what I’d do without at least one deciding they aren’t hungry anymore (which we all know they just don’t want to sit down). Honestly, if the day doesn’t end with a cold cup of tea and a bag of chips before bed, I might be on that crazy train. Especially if there was no nonsense at the dinner table. That’s the day sanity might timeout.

To all you mom’s out there getting your kid’s covid-cavities fixed, I salute my cold cup of tea to ya. Cheers to an inconvenient life full of love and laughter. 🙂


Lisa Bryan (Executive Super Mom haha)


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