Meet the Farm Family (farm-ily)

The Farm Family Story

Want to see the farm-ily (my farm-family) life? This is my favorite place on earth. Let me show you around!

We moved from the suburbs of Dallas to a town about 45 minutes east of the Dallas area over 3 years ago now. Seems like we have been out here a lot longer. We bought 25 acres with a “fixer-upper” 1500 sq. ft. house. Maybe we have lost our minds, maybe we are dreamers, but what is life without dreams anyways? We are going to make this place great!

Heading out to the countryside, and the consequences.

We knew we didn’t want to be in suburbia anymore. Kevin and I always dreamed of property that we can make our own and pass on to our kids. There were sacrifices that came with making that dream a reality such as remodeling the house and adding additional square footage to it, purchasing farm equipment to keep up with the land, and acquiring animals for the agriculture exemption. Starting a farm is time-consuming and expensive. Those were the sacrifices we wanted to make in order to leave a farm-ily legacy to the kids.

There has been a lot to do but, we were totally ready for that…although the progress of remodeling is excruciating. I mean, does remodeling actually end? humph.

When Kevin and I met, he was working on this truck, a ’66 Chevy pickup. He was my neighbor across the street and I was able to watch him bring the parts in bit by bit. This is the beauty(below) that he built himself. Her name is Sheila. She’s a sweet thing. So sweet, she was a part of our wedding day. Now, she’s a farm workin’ girl.

How Kevin and I met…

When Kevin and I met, he was working on this truck, a ’66 Chevy pickup. He was my neighbor across the street and I was able to watch him bring the parts in bit by bit. This is the beauty(below) that he built himself. Her name is Sheila. She’s a sweet thing. So sweet, she was a part of our wedding day. Now, she’s a farm workin’ girl.

At the time, he was just a quiet, sweet neighbor. Then, one day, as a single mom, I needed help around the house specifically mowing the yard. I thought ‘surely if I ask him to help me start it, he might just mow for me’. Well, he was happy to start the lawnmower then go back to working on his truck.

Kevin’s redemption…

Luckily he came over later that day (after I had him also move furniture) he came and asked me if I wanted a beer. As cute as this fella is, I said “yeah! …I mean I am worn out from mowing.” Next thing we know we are seeing each other every day. Six months later, we were married (in 2014). Although I’m not sure I ever ‘got over’ him not mowing that day. I’m such a brat.

And now, these two find Shiela to be their own. 🙂

This is US! Say cheese? hahaha.

When Kevin and I met, I had John, Makena, and Phoenix with my first husband. Kevin wanted more kids, so we had 2 more. And here we are(in 2020)! The 7 of us, happy and silly and free (and really COLD in that picture above). This is our farm family!

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The farm family zookeepers… although, they may be also part of the zoo. Hmmmm.

There they are…in order. John, Makena, Phoenix, Kate, and Knox. I love this picture ’cause it really says a lot about the fun dynamics going on.
This is my beautiful and amazing husband. He loves me no matter what. He’s the bronze and the brains.

The farm family zoo…

(Below) is LeRoy. He’s our Angus bull. We brought him back from Lufkin (where Kevin is from) as a young lad. He’s quite the lady’s man at this point. The two other Angus are Esmerlda and Chiquita. Esmerelda is a little on the crazy side, so we felt the name fit well. We don’t think Chiquita speaks English, at least that’s what she acts like.

Almost everyday we go and given them carrots or cubes. It keeps them docile and friendly. Knox’s theory is if you get a carrot, so does he. He’s a classy guy and prefers not to eat the grain cubes. Good choice Knox! He must have good parents.

This is Fern and Chuck. I looove these two. The way they gallop with joy and eat your shorts while trying to feed them makes you love them more. They keep things interesting to say the least. Eating is never optional for these two, shorts or no shorts.

Phoenix, who is 10 years old has been bottle feeding them twice a day. This has been her farm duty during the summer. We thought this would be fun and beneficial to the farm instead of the flying monkey she begged for. Phoenix walks them, cleans, feeds and waters them everyday. What a girl! (In her little farm world)

Kissing? Maybe. More like licking the milk left on each other’s faces. Are they hungry? Always. Don’t tell them they are getting as big as a cow. That’s rude. 🙂





He’s so charming!! I just want to kiss him all over that face!


The “Coop-dominium”

This is our chicken coop. Look at the center part…at one point it was a playhouse for the kids. Kevin and his Dad (both of whom are outrageously handy) built the sides out and added a yard in the back. It can fit up to 25 chickens comfortably. I have about 13 right now including a couple of roosters.

Every lady deserves a good name…

These hens include (but is not limited to) Thelma and Louise (who is on their 3rd year here), Scabby and Gabby (you’d understand if you saw them), Blanche, Dorothy, Sophia, and Rose (the Golden Girls), Rupert and Freddy (roosters), and of course Elise, Annie, and Brenda (from the First Wives Club, you know, Goldie, Bette, and Diane).

Those gals are a good time. I use to prop open the gate and let them free-range the property while I was home until my dogs started “playing” with them. I think they see them as walking steak bones. They also started laying in very random places around the farm. Now they free-range in their backyard of the “coop-dominium”. 

Always wanted chickens?

Want your own chicken coop? Here’s a coop that I would recommend to start with. You can move it around the yard (which will keep it fertilized) and I like the large yard area. Don’t keep more than 4 in here. Happy hens = happy egg production! There is a lot to learn about them before you buy! I recommend The Old Farmer’s Almanac for all things farm. Smartest peoples aliiive!

This is part of the garden. I ended up with 50 grape tomato plants this year, but not much more. It’s always an experiment. I never know how it’ll actually turn out. Sure is fun to see what ends up growing. 



This is Rocky. He is one of 3 dogs. Yet by far, the weirdest dog ever. He has his own league of dog personality…

Why should he lounge on his bed or, hey, the ground? Because, it’s hot in Texas, gosh darn. He even has a nice cup of refreshing ice water as well. This kid. 

This is the back of the playhouse for the kids. What a dream, huh?! On the front is two porches with hammocks to sit in. They may never move out. We better take this down.  

The place is crawling with children. They even show up in the laundry.

Have I mentioned we don’t actually ride horses? 

What a blessed life we have to end our day with such breathtaking beauty. 

This life is truly too short not to live out all your dreams and to keep your farm family close. Finally, I pray you take the time to enjoy every minute we have.




13 thoughts on “Meet the Farm Family (farm-ily)”

  1. I always knew you would love a big farm house with lots of babies!! Make them all do chores. They will learn so much more than if they were on the couch in the city!! Great, entertaining blog, Lisa!

  2. This is my dream! Unfortunately it’s not possible with my kids autism it’s not possible. We did manage 3 acres & 5 dogs! Ones a 200 lb English mastiff so he’s part pony.
    I miss you & I’m so happy you’re doing well! Love getting this glimpse into your life!

  3. I love reading your blog, and I definitely need to come visit during the day time – it’s gorgeous! Farm work is definitely a never-ending list of chores for sure, but so worth it! You guys need to come visit us at the farm and we definitely need another wine & taco night! Maybe I’ll bring one of my saddles and teach you how to ride. 🙂

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