2020’s Six-foot Vacation

I was skeptical to see that we could safely take a vacation this year. 

…But then, we finally pulled the trigger and bought a CAMPER! Best idea we have ever EVER done. This is the gold mine of family getaways, a decision I don’t think I’ll ever regret. It gives me a sense of freedom and peace. I didn’t realize a travel trailer could do so much for a gal. Who could ask for more?

I call this camper “The Gl-amper”(like glamor and camper) but it could also be called the “Texas heat avoidance” camping. Sorry but, even air mattresses and tents are still too unbearable. By the way, have you ever slept next to Kevin on an air mattress? It’s unforgettable.

This is the USS Lexington. What I originally thought was such a ‘Dad pick’ on a family vacation, we really enjoyed this one. It’s fascinating. The kids learned first hand about WWII and what life entailed.  I found it interesting the surgical, dental, and sick wards. Let’s just say there wasn’t much social distancing down there. Knox (2 year old) LOVED the steep staircases.  Sharp edges with chipped paint comes free with this beaut. I’m pretty sure no one consumed the paint chips…

Makena, in jail. Hopefully her last time in the pokey. She appears frightened for sure…

Love this picture of her (hmmmm, que my googly eyes). Tiny window views for tiny faces. 

If a picture could say a 1000 words, I pick this one. There is a lot happening here, but at that time, I said, “smile!”. Kevin smiles, Kate closes her eyes, and Knox bails. Some you win, some you lose. I’d have to say pretty typical for most pictures I try to take. 

My husband’s interpretation of the bald eagle. He nailed it. 

Can I take him home? He’s okay with it, look at his face!

Say “cheese”! No Knox,  I’m not giving you cheese…. Say “cheese”. Ugh YOU’RE SO CUTE!! I want to freeze you and keep you like this. 

This face is hypnotizing! Oh, and the red on her nose is from her older sister putting on her “makeup”. No boo boos here. Just feeling glamorous 🙂

I’m pretty sure if I tried to run for President she would be my campaign picture, 100%.

We found this AMAZING sand castle. It blows my mind! I chuckle a little bit thinking if you didn’t see this comment, you might think we worked on this all day. Just standing by it.  Hehe.

The boy must be frozen. I can’t have him grow up. I just can’t!!

Phoenix was the sand crab (well sand critter) huntress. She made it her vacation goal (who has goals on vacation?) to bring home hermit crabs for her to paint and play with. I felt like that was a very solid and important goal. My vacation goals included margaritas, sand, and sunsets. Wait, why isn’t that my goal everyday? 

The fun seemed endless. I could live there forever. Oh wait, but not in a ‘gl-amper’ with 5 kids forever. Yikes. A week was good. It was perfectly unforgettable. 

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