My Top 10 Favorite Things To Do with My Family

As a family of 7, in a pandemic, I think to myself, ‘let’s be productive’. Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn’t. The trouble is, what to do with the kids? 

To be brutally honest, our family was in desperate need of quarantine. We have two careers in the house, countless activities, and projects coming out of our ears. It can get quite overwhelming. When you’re frustrated and overwhelmed, what’s the easiest thing to do? Get irritated with your family. Guilty as charged (eye roll).

In reality, our family is all that we have. So! We are making the most of it. I’m going to be sharing some of my wide range of activities for any age that we have enjoyed. 

  1. Monopoly. They have several new versions including the ‘cheaters’ or ‘ultimate banking’. This is a house favorite.  
  2. Dominoes. I like to play this with my littles. They learn to count but it can also turn into a game of blocks. I figure building a line of tumbling dominoes or balancing a fort is better than poker.  Hmmmm, poker…not a bad idea.
  3. Red. neck. Slip n slide. You heard it. Here’s how you do it: Get a nice long tarp (hopefully one you already have)and place it on a soft piece of grass. Cover it in liquid soap (I just hand them the soap). They cover it from one end to the next. Put your hose on it and some floaties at the end.  Now you can just run and go! The best part is how squeaky clean they are when they are done. It’s like I just ran my kids through the dishwasher. I call that a MOM WIN!!
  4. Cooking. Oh the cooking and baking. My kitchen is worn out (as well as my gut). Kids could eat sugar day and night, every meal. It’s amazing.
  5. Walks. I miss these. After dinner walks. They make my heart go ‘pitter-patter’. A great time to chat up kids about meaninglessness.
  6. Movie night. Phoenix makes the ultimate fresh popcorn with real butter and salt. I’ll have to post her recipe. This has been a Friday night tradition for YEARS. Like years. Until Friday night football, then it went to Saturday nights. We enjoy OLD movies, like ‘Hello Dolly’ or ‘The Unsinkable Molly Brown’. It’s fascinating the change that has happened not just with production level within the movie but socially and economically. It is so interesting the way the human mind adapts to change so well and FAST. 
  7. Camping. Look, we live in Texas. Summer is the season about 10 months out of the year. We finally broke down and bought a Travel Trailer. I never thought this was necessary because we live on a farm, but trust me, it’s necessary. Getting out somewhere new and exploring together is so exciting. It doesn’t take much to thrill us so almost anywhere is fun.  
  8. Hobbies. Everyones got ‘em. Gardening is one of mine. I’m not an expert but I can keep something alive for a decent amount of time. It’s fun to get dirty with the kids. Kevin enjoys seeing me work ALMOST equally as hard as he does in the yard. He keeps trying to promote me to Head Groundskeeper. I don’t want the job. I didn’t even apply.
  9. Sports. There is nothing like playing ball with your kids. The best part is being awful at it. 
  10. Praying together. The biggest gift I think I have given my kids. This one will last till the end of ALL our time. 

These would have to be our top 10 things we do together. There is much more, especially now, that includes arts and crafts and puzzles. We tend to be a semi-competitive family. Semi meaning John or Kevin wins almost everything we play but, the girls never give up!

Hope y’all are having fun and staying safe! Wear your masks. They could save your life.


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