How I am taking my house back

It’s been months of quarantine and many more days to go. I love summer! It’s not the sweat of hot days I love,it’s the feeling of losing your inhibitions and having no schedule to attend to. 

Being at home has felt like a hamster in a cage. Yet, my love handles could use the hamster wheel for sure. Fat chance for this abdomen to be flat again. Let’s not talk about that. 

Let’s talk about how I’ve decided to refuse for these kids to take over my house. Gosh, now…I love the pitter patter of lil people jumping in my bed in the morning or a 2 year old that shakes the side rail with his toes saying dadn’, dadn’, dadn’. It’s truly lovely and brings me joy. Here’s the catch. The cuteness comes with messes, laundry, laundry, clothing them, feeding them, laundry, and messes. There’s always a catch to awesome stuff. 

So I put my foot down. I grabbed a diaper box and packed up all the cups and bowls in the house. Then called everyone in to pick out which dishes will have for the day. The rule is you have your designated cup for everyday. If you lose it, you don’t have a cup. 

The plan worked beautifully. Some cups broke and therefore they had to get new ones but for the most part I now wash 1/4th of the dishes daily. I take that back; THEY wash 1/4th less a day but I get to see less scattered around countless places of the house and yard. It’s so refreshing. 

It seems so simple. I can’t believe it worked so well. Hope it works for you!

Here is an easy (Low CARB!) breakfast for those needing to speed out of the house, yet need something hearty!

Huevos en Salsa

Spicy over easy eggs
Cook Time 10 minutes
Course Breakfast
Servings 4 people


  • skillet (cast iron preferred)


  • 1 tbsp oil
  • 1 cup your favorite salsa
  • 4 large eggs
  • salt and pepper


  • Heat the skillet to medium high heat with the oil.
  • Pour salsa in skillet until almost bubbling.
  • Crack your eggs over warm salsa and cook to preference. Salt and pepper. YUM!

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