Confessions of a COVID-19 nurse

As a nurse working the COVID Unit, I can not even count the number of fears that we all feel. Some people can relate to the feelings when we simply step into a grocery store. We are all feeling the fear of so many unknown variables. Whether COVID is at work or at the store we all have the same concerns. 

Some might know that there are no visitors in the unit. I couldn’t imagine this. It’s awful. So now with fears you had before comes more unknown and unseen territory. Again, this is awful. As the nurse taking care of your loved ones I agree, It’s soul wrenching. It’s exhausting. It’s troublesome. It’s frustrating. 

As your nurse, it’s a privilege. It’s an honor to be the person with your loved ones.  I feel that God put us together for a reason. 

I know you would rather be there and so would they. This is hard. This shouldn’t be happening. Know that your family is our family so you can reunite soon.  Know that we will sit with them when they can’t breathe. That we will find them something to eat when they don’t want to eat. That we will sit by their side when they feel alone. We will embrace them when they tell us they feel like they are dying. That we will be that ear that listens when they talk. The hands that make sure their beds and bodies are clean. The hands that keep their hair brushed so they can feel human. The eyes to see when the virus wants to kick back. The minds that give them the antivirals. We will be the silence when there are tears of frustration. We will be the voice when things don’t make sense. 

Know that your family is our family so you can reunite soon. I believe in a community that sticks together with a plan of safety for everyone, young middle aged, or elderly. This is how we WILL make it through. Because, we WILL make it through. 

Thank you for letting us be YOUR family. 

What are your confessions...?

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