Christmas Giggles part 1, 2019

Whoa nelly, Christmas wasn’t kidding this year. I have so much to say about this year, I don’t know where to start. 

Well, let’s start by saying how incredibly grateful I am to have what we have. How cliche, huh? I agree. But this time it’s overwhelmingly sincere. I turn __ this January, and I think (ugh)I’ve finally realized that no gift can replace the excitement and glory of family, food, and giggles. 

So we started December off right with Kate’s 3rd birthday. Hello Stress. I met Stress knocking on my door like ICE on a raid at an El Chapo party. If you know me well, I love parties, especially kiddo parties. I love the joy bouncing off the walls of chaos and high pitched garbled mumbo jumbo- God knows what they’re saying. This thrills me. 

But this time…toddlers…you pick up the toy and sing “clean up” then turn around and there’s either another toy or my favorite –urine– who’s? IDK! Could be Knox, Kate, Jimbo,Pepper, Tricksy, Kevin, IDK…it’s urine and it wasn’t there before. Oh..look..I burnt the pigs in a blanket while I was cleaning up urine. Lovely. So let’s try another appetizer. Oh, I can’t, I still haven’t finished cleaning the toilets. People will think I’m an Exxon pit stop if they see this. So, I grab John and make him put together peanut butter jelly to which I was informed he doesn’t like PBJ’s, he’d rather …ugh..hello! Everyone will be here in an hour–it’s CRUNCH TIME PEOPLE!! Where’n falls meltdown 542 of that day. I swear off all parties ever again. 

So, long story short Kevin enjoyed burnt pigs in a blanket and every took down some kind of mystery sandwich, all to say they really loved the party and “thanks for the food”. No one claimed any stomach illness and we all went our separate ways. #devestatedbutgrateful

She got a princess tent. honey? 

She loves her new books! If you could have seen the gasp. How do you like my finger?

So now let’s move on to Christmas stuff. We had a glorious time with kevin’s family. They brought their travel trailer and parked it right outside near my greenhouse. It was just perfect. We met Kristina’s (Kevin’s sister) and her new boyfriend. They are seriously the cutest couple ever. So happy for those two!! They are very lovey dovey. Ahhhh… being in love… what a glorious and high time of life. (how do I not have a picture of all that??–a whole week full of food, family, and make-out sessions of Kristina and Zack–oh that’s why)

Jimbo had a great time too.Look at them eyes.  Ga-ga! Love this dreamy guy.

Then came Christmas Eve. These are some of the kids from our closest friends in Farmersville. We are a pretty tight crew. A huge blessing. 

Then they decided to sleep on the floor cause well, why not? 

Exhausted yet? Christmas is coming!!

His first set of wheels. So stinkin’ precious. 

Now this is the kind of reaction we were looking for! And just for some sharpies– yay for a double win!!

This would be the best invention ever. It is a PawPatrol Blanket with matching mask and hand holes on the side. So, it’s not just a blanket but a CAPE!! They think of everything. 

We had a wonderful Christmas day with family. My parents came over and we ate a super delicious vegetarian dinner. Oh– I mean a whole food, fresh and delicious dinner. I was told vegetarian sounded totally unappealing. You have no idea–more complex flavors you will ever have. Make ya wanna lick the plate like a dog. Hey, I won’t judge. 

  There was a tomato and mozzarella salad for appetizers. For the entree, I made vegetable couscous with herbed aioli, roasted sweet potatoes with cranberry chutney, and red pepper butter sauce on bow tie pasta.  It was killer. I was very proud and very full. Full of joy, love, and flavor. A gal couldn’t be happier.

Again, need to work on taking more pics. That can be hard when your a hungry person. 

Cranberry chutney

1 tbl olive oil

11/2 c finely chopped red onions

½ tsp salt

½ black pepper

1 tbl apple cider vinegar

1 tbl ginger paste

1 tsp grated lemon

⅛ tsp cayenne

1 can cranberry sauce

Cook the onions, salt/pepper, ginger in a saucepan with the oil. Once fragrant add the vinegar, lemon zest and cayenne for about 10 minutes. Add the cranberry sauce until blended well, about 10 more minutes. 

We ate this on top of couscous and sweet potatoes. OHhhh heavenly. 

Then, there is herbed aioli…

Herbed aioli

Also good on vegetable couscous but is an amazing dipping sauce. I could almost drink this. 

½ c good mayonnaise

Olive oil

1 tbl Lemon juice

1 Garlic clove 

1 tbl FRESH dill (don’t replace this item)

1 tbl fresh parsley (or this one either)

Black pepper

Mix together in a small bowl. Serve also as a dipping sauce, on a sandwich, on fish, or over a power bowl. So many options!

Love you all,

To be continued

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